What is SciCo?

Scico is a Scintilla-based shell-emulator. It builds on the big advantages of Scintilla, and integrates them in a very simple and useful shell-application.

Please note, that SciCo is currently in planning status. More news coming soon!

Who needs it?

SciCo is a Windows-application. There's no big need for such application under Linux, because of the many good shell applications already available. These are already implemented such options like auto-completion, advanced history-management and macro-handling.

The goal of SciCo is to fulfill the need of such application under Windows.

Why with Scintilla?

Because Scintilla has a lot of very useful features, which can be used also in a shell-emulator application. With its built-in functions, like auto-completion, advanced styling and so on, it can be very effective as a console or shell.

Technical details

SciCo will be written in C++. It tries to be simple, small and fast, because its role is only to start applications and to print their output. Of course, it will use Scintilla as its main component.

SciCo will be able to handle user-defined macros, variables, history and so on, and all this information will be stored in XML-based files.


Currently the only goal with SciCo is to have a really fast and useful console or shell under Windows, which can help a developer to simplify the tasks which are in demand of a console.